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It is generally worn by rulers and administrators. The person, who wears it, becomes pious and free from sins and gets the blessings of God.

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Gems Stones

It removes evil effects of Saturn. It should be tested before use. It brings wealth, name and fame, good stamina, longevity and security in life.

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Yantra is very powerful and effective. Blesses one with progeny, removes the troubles and protects ones from poverty.

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Sahasranama Stotras

Download Description
PDF Vishnu Sahasranam
PDF Lalita Sahasranam
PDF Shiva Sahasranam (from the Linga Purana)
PDF Shiva Sahasranam (from the Mahabharata)
PDF Shiva Sahasranam (This is a rarely-published version of the Shiva Sahasranama, which appears in the Shivarahasya Itihasa; it also appears, with minor differences, in the Rudrayamala Tantra.) - includes both stotram and namavali.
PDF Ganesh Sahasranam (from the Ganesh Purana)
PDF Surya Sahasranam (from the Bhavishya Purana)
PDF Gayatri Sahasranam (from the Devi Bhagavata Purana)
PDF Lakshmi Sahasranam (from the Brahma Purana)
PDF Saraswati Sahasranam (from the Skanda Purana)
PDF Durga Sahasranam (from the Skanda Purana)
PDF Durga Sahasranam - also known as the Parvati Sahasranam and as the Devi Sahasranam (from the Kurma Purana)

Miscellaneous Stotras

Download Description
PDF Guru Gita (from the Skanda Purana)
PDF Stotram to the Guru by Shankaracharya
PDF Guru Paadukaa Stotram
PDF Trotaka's Hymn to his Master Shankaracharya
PDF Ramashtakam (from the Ananda Ramayana)
PDF Saraswati Stotram from the Padma Purana
PDF Mahalakshmi Stotram from the Padma Purana (Mahalakshmi Ashtakam)
PDF Mahalakshmi Verse (Bhagavata Purana 8:8:8)
PDF Durga Stuti (from the Mahabharata)
PDF Lalita Stotram by Shankaracharya
PDF The 32 Names of Durga
PDF Ganesh Pancharatnastotram
PDF Ganesh Ekavimshatinama Stotram - 21 Names of Ganesh (from the Ganesh Purana)
PDF Shiva Manasa Puja

Stotras to the Planets - Navagraha Stotras

Download Description
PDF Aditya Hridayam (from the Ramayana) - with English translation
PDF Surya Ashtakam (Suryashtakam) -- 8 verses to the Sun
PDF Surya Sahasranam (from the Bhavishya Purana)
PDF Surya Ashtottarashatanam Stotram - 108 Names of the Sun (from the Mahabharata, Aranyaka Parva)
PDF Chandra Kavacham
PDF Chandra Ashtavimshatinama Stotram
PDF Mangala Kavacham
PDF Rinamochaka Mangala Stotram
PDF Angaraka Stotram
PDF Budha Kavacham
PDF Budha Panchavimshatinama Stotram
PDF Brihaspati Kavacham
PDF Shukra Kavacham
PDF Shanaishchara Sahasranam - also known as Shani Sahasranam (1000 Names of Saturn)
PDF Shanaishchara Stotram - also known as Dasharatha Shani Stotram
PDF Shanaishchara Stavaraja - includes Shani Kavacham (verses 1-6) and 108 Names of Shani (verses 6-19) - from the Bhavishya Purana
PDF Shani Vajrapanjara Kavacham
PDF Rahu Kavacham
PDF Rahu Stotram
PDF Ketu Panchavimshatinama Stotram
PDF Ketu Kavacham


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